About RoboNeo

RoboNeo, Sabah’s premier community robotics event, is back for its 5th annual event. First held in 2014, RoboNeo’s main goal is to connect communities through technology. A unique part of RoboNeo is that it’s “open to all” where participants are from all walks of life and are welcome to come and join.

RoboNeo’s objectives are:

  • To harness the creativity and innovative minds of the community through robotics
  • To identify potential products and ideas
  • To bring together like-minded communities with the applications of IT, electronics, mechanics, and engineering.

Collaboration Partners

  • Politeknik Kota Kinabalu (http://www.polikk.edu.my) - a public institution of higher learning aimed at providing industry-ready skills and knowledge to students. Politeknik Kota Kinabalu provides technical knowledge and expertise to the event (RoboNeo autonomous challenge).
  • Kinabalu Coders (https://kinabalucoders.org) - provides technical knowledge, support, promotional activities, and logistics for RoboNeo and KK Maker Expo.
  • Ministry of Education & Innovation (https://k-pi.sabah.gov.my) - Sabah State ministry responsible for education and innovation throughout the state. The Ministry provides support to RoboNeo in terms of funding.