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2016-12-18 14:49 KC meets the Makers of KL (and more!) (Article)
2016-11-30 14:46 Roboneo 2016 Prizes Handing-Over (Event)
2016-11-28 10:42 Roboneo 2016 Winners Announced! (Article)
2016-11-14 09:39 KK Maker Expo 2016 (Event)
2016-11-11 22:28 Roboneo 2016 (Event)
2016-11-11 22:26 Roboneo 2016 Final Briefing (Event)


The open-platform RoboNeo was first held in 2014 - it sparked a wave of robotics interest that continues to this day. Our 2016 theme Robo Connect reflects our continuing commitment to connect enthusiasts in robotics and related disciplines and make robotics accessible to everyone throughout Sabah. RoboNeo is organised by:

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